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 2018-04-30 Testing - Open Lab All Modules (Software)
 2018-04-30 CFS Lab

  Course Name: Testing - Open Lab All Modules (Software)
  Course Type: Instructor Led
  Course Date: 2018-04-30 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM
  Course Description: This course intent is to provide a respository for all modules that are upgrading and need testers documented. Refer to the Roster for details.

  User: N/A

  Recommended: Invitation by trainer (SME)/team - All modules and software upgrades that require hands-on testing.
  Prerequisite: N/A
  Access: No
  Enrollment: Walk In Welcome
  Registration: Not Avaliable
  Trainer: Kim Nicholl
  Location: PL-1104
  Capacity: 3
  Seat Avaliable: 0

  Course Name: CFS Lab
  Course Type: Instructor Led
  Course Date: 2018-04-30 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  Course Description: April and May 2018: This lab will cover the CFS 9.2 MP 3.0 Upgrade Navigation changes for April 30 2018 Go Live. Training for Financial staff on the new look of CFS 9.2 MP 3.0 using Fluid Tile-based navigation. Users will learn the new navigation to reach destination pages in CFS. NOTE: MP3.0 does not impact the CFS Data Warehouse. Staff who only use the Data Warehouse will not be affected by this upgrade.

  User: Existing department financial staff users with fiscal responsibilities requiring them to use CFS modules and functionality, such as(but not limited to): Requisitions, POs, CFS reports, Query, Pro Card reporting, AP, AR/Billing, Purchasing, FIRMS & GAAP Derivation and submission, etc.

  Recommended: Existing Department Financial/DW Users. Users are encouraged to bring their DW report questions to discuss.
  Prerequisite: MUST HAVE Existing access to CFS and working knowledge of the CFS financial reporting system.
  Access: No
  Enrollment: Pre-register Required
  Registration: Not Avaliable
  Trainer: Andrea Beechko
  Location: PL-1104
  Capacity: 16
  Seat Avaliable: 13